True Story Behind The “Kidnapped Shliach”

Does this look like a man which only two weeks ago was brutally beaten by a gang and had a gun pointed to his head?

The Story they are telling us and would like to have us believe… pork

Something really smells with this story. The story has more holes then Swiss cheese.

It is most likely that Rotem (like all Mishichest mushrooms located in third world counties) was involved with drugs.

The kidnappers were drug dealers.

As was pointed out above, Rotem looks more like he came back from a spa then one who was kidnapped, brutally beaten and had a gun pointed to his face.

Had this been some random kidnapping from some wacko who visited the Chabad house, then why did the Rotem pack their bags and return to Israel, especially considering the fact that they caught the kidnappers?

In time the truth (above) will be exposed and the joke will be on the Chabad web-sites which tried to sugarcoat this story (with BS, like “Kidnapper Shliach puts on Tiffilin with kidnappers”).


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