From Our Inbox: No Peace In Crown Heights

Did you know that there is terrorism going on in Crown Heights?

Who sent Ziknei Anash to Rabbi Rosenfeld to try to get Rabbi Segel fired from his OT job?

Who came in to Raitport meat shop to threaten to boycott his store because he put his name on the Ekul? Was it Menachem Mendel Hendel?

Did you know that Rabbi Osdoba did not get paid from the Vad Hakhol for a while already?

Did you see the contract of Zaki with Chanin? Do you know that he is giving him control to set up his own Aaad? That he will be making the salary decision also for the Rabonim? That he will be taking over the Kasrus? (All this for six months).

Did you know that Ritzes was terrorized for signing a paper about Smicha for a Rav?

Did you know that Schwie and Braun are thinking of voting Rabbi Osdoba out of Bais Din?

I can go on and on. It may be that you know all this, and if not I may be able to help you.

If you need any help with info. Let me know.

You may research this info. But please don’t release my name to anyone!

Thank you.



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