Confirmed: Mishichistim are Aliens

‘Invented knowledge of The Mishichistem • “No, we don’t focus on the details”

Chabad.Info’ Posted: Barrels of  ‘Givot Olam’ will be sold at $150 • The stock jumped 8% • site editor, explained: “The numbers do not interest us” • Commentator: “He’s a Alien •

Yossi Katz -For Chedrie Chadorim

Information based on a reporter’s imagination with especially original dreams, the site – Chabad.Info – belonging to the Messianic faction, caused the stock market to storm up  in Tel -Aviv.

The story began last week. Under the title: “Exclusive Advertising” Chabad.Info published under the name Chaim Reich (a borrowed name) who reported, that starting next week the company ‘Givot Olam’ will produce,” between 800 -1,000 barrels of oil every day, and the price of barrel will be about $150″.

Anyone with even  limited  knowledge in the world of oil prices raised an eyebrow when reading the astronomical amount a barrel of oil will be sold. Commodity exchange barrel price is about $100,  selling for fifty percent more for a barrel, it seems completely absurd. On this puzzlement the writer [of] writes: “Although the average price of a barrel of oil is lower then $150, the oil producing ‘Givot Olam’, is considered fine quality, and therefore is a higher price.”

Needless to say, these data are not all fantasy dawn, but the original article claimed that the reporter got them from internal sources in the company (later this sentence deleted). The reporter had no idea how such a statement could complicate the company with stock exchange authorities.

But despite the fact that the site in question is known for it’s forgeries [deception], some investors assumed and were indeed convinced that the information on is based on internal sources. This assumption was based on the fact that probably the main entrepreneur owner, Tuvia Luskin, is an advocate for Chabad, and he has stated on several occasions he received the blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory for oil exploration project “in the land of Joseph.” A rush of investors on the company’s stock caused leap of 8% in the price, which caused great interest in the capital market.

But the dream soon faded.

Economic press released that there is no basis for what Chabad.Info reported, and the Company ‘Givot Olam’ disclaimed any connection of this publication (advertisement). But it turns out that what seems to me as one’s failure/disaster can be seen in the eyes of the other as a great honor.

Chabad.Info thought their failure is a great honor, and published the articles published in the economic press entitled “Chabad.Info advertising works.” Maybe he should be precise and say – “working on you.” [“Fooling you”].

Last night on an edition of “Economic Night” on Channel 10, they interviewed the site editor, Shraga Crombie, sitting in New Jersey. The interview was quite surreal, when Crombie repeatedly emphasizes that the economic accuracy and details is not what he’s interested in.

Presenter, Sharon Gal, open question: “Tell me, when will you decide to correct the errors? I just read the article and don’t believe what it says.

Crombie said: “The article was posted on a news site, meant for Chabad’s interior, designed for adherents of Chabad, who are not interested in oil and not other’s stocks. The only thing that interests us in this aspect of Chabad. For us it’s much less about the numbers and hence the mistake.”

After the conversation with the editor, the host Gal contacted economic commentator Shlomo Maoz, and he responded with the following sentence: “This is really puzzling. If he [Crombie] did not speak Hebrew, I would think he’s an Alien. I do not believe it. He speaks, moves his lips, saying complete sentences. I have not seen such nonsense in my life.”

[Translated with the help of google translate].

The story just keeps on getting better.

The very same day the above article was posted (hours after), reacts [in an act of “revenge]” to Chedrie Chadorim’s smack down, by posting the following story about a guy whose suing Chedrie Chadorim for deformation and libel.

Click image above for full Hebrew article

Here at 1bigcholent we do find it funny and hypocritical that a site like which is notorious for libel, deformation  and propaganda on good innocent people*  would be excited to post an article about someone suing for the exact things is guilty of.

* Just search Shomrim or Hershkop on site and you’ll know what we are talking about. 


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