Rabonim Ignore Mesira To Discuss More “Pressing Matter”

The annual official reception of international rabbis who have traveled to Crown Heights for Shavuos, will take place today. As in all years, it is hosted by the Crown Heights Beis Din, and conducted by the rabbinate’s three members.

Shavuos is traditionally known as the “rabbis’ festival” in Crown Heights, since it was always the most opportune holiday for them to spend with the Rebbe ZT”L.

At this year’s meeting various hot topics are to be deliberated, an official invitation read. Amongst the various rabbinical deliberations, is the pressing matter on how to effectively deal with what has become known as the “internet problem”.

The rabbis of the Beis Din, and their international counterparts have acknowledged that the hasty modernization and the constant technological advances, calls for new guidance.

They also plan on discussing the Chabad news sites, which, until now, remain for the most part, completely unregulated.

Mesira NOT such a "Pressing matter"?

Let me guess, instead of discussion the pressing matters of corruption and Mesira the Rabbis are going to speak about the sites that report about corruption and Mesira?

Ummm…You know what we need? We need an edict to regulate the Internet.

Oh wait…they tried that one already, didn’t go off to well.

The Rabonim won’t discuss the corruption and Mesira issue, they simply don’t want to offend their host, after all this meeting is being held at the base of Mesira and Corruption, the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. located at 390a Kingston Ave.


One response to “Rabonim Ignore Mesira To Discuss More “Pressing Matter”

  • sholom ber

    which beis din
    is it the osdobo beis din
    the schwei beis din
    or the braun beis din
    what a nonsense.
    a never ending farce

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