1BIGcholent Closing Down For Good

It was nice knowing you all.. after being given a personal invite to face “The Rabonim” about the severe web problem in Crown Heights, I was personally instructed to stop reposting the hate that I see on other sites.

After the instruction I asked “The Rabonim” What will be done about the sever websites that contain the actual word “chabad” or “C” that represents Chabad and sites with out any disclaimer on them.

They responded they will be working with Chabad of California and Merkos to ensure these sites will no longer be able to use the word “chabad”

You know what this reminds me of…?

The last time they issued a letter banning comments from websites, and Chabadinfo was the only one who obliged, except only until they realized that no one else did. then slowly they made excuses enabling them to have comments again.
Originally reported here


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