Questions of the day

Q: What did Osama Bin Ladin do to ensure the US government would not find him?

A: He made sure never to connect to the Internet, or place a call from his compound.

Q: How did the US Government track down Yitzchok Shochat?

A: He should have learned from Bin Ladin to stay under the radar.

Q: When /chleaks wrote. “the 18 Year old looser” who does it refer too?

A: The 18 year old loser who is left out to die on his own.

Q: After how many “anonymousness” 311 calls does it take to loose your A status?

Q: Will the details in the grand jury investigation reveal who sniched on who?

A: Read Here and find out: Petition Attorney General vs. Yitzchok Shuchat (Hebrew)


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