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When Is There a “Shomrim Shmira Issue” And Why? (chleaks.com)

Being exposed on a daily bases  the people at the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. are fresh out of ideas of how to keep the people of Crown Heights distracted all the while they steal our millions, and they are asking for your help.

If you have any good new and fresh ideas for the CHJCC and would like to make a contribution to the cause  please email Zaki Tamir TAMIR.CHJCC@GMAIL.COM

Distraction already used and abused:
1) CHJCC Vs.Dovid Fischer (court case)
2) Mishicihstim Vs. Chabad Lubavitch (Court case)
3) CH Beth Din/CHJCC Vs. Chabad Lubavitch/Aguch Merkoz (court case)
4) CHJCC/Spritzer Vs. Hershkop Family (court case/Mesira)
5) CHJCC/Shmira Vs. Shomrim (court case/Mesira)
6) CHJCC Vs. Crown Heights Community (Mesira Gemachim – court related)
7a) Schwie/CHJCC/Mishichistim Vs.Osdoba   (Court + Zablo Beth Din)
7b) Braun/Schwie/CHJCC/Mishichistim Vs.Osdoba   (Back to Court)


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