A Waste Of Money: 114 Teachers Have the Holiday Burden Eased

Merchant and Moisad got together once again in order to help Crown Heights teachers and their families by providing produce, meat and wine at little to no cost ahead of Pesach. A total of 114 teachers from the local Moisdos were able to place orders, saving their families hundred of dollars in expenses.

Thanks to a kind grant from Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, the produce was made avaialbe at no cost to the teachers. Shaya Gordon and Shloime Klein of the Albany Avenue Mr. Greens went down to the market and chose the best quality items, then loaded it themselves onto trucks. Yoskeh Shtrasberg made himself available on Thursday early morning as well as Friday to drive the trucks loaded with the fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Meat, Chicken and Wine were distributed earlier in the week – $60,000 worth – at an extreamly reduced rate. The organizers of this initiative estimated that over $100,000 in total was the amount given to the teachers.

Teachers that benefited from this initiative are from Oholei Torah, Lubavitcher Yeshiva and Chovevei Torah.

Why why why was this money wasted on helping our teachers when it could have been better used on by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. (CHJCC) to fund another lawsuit?

What a pity, they might as well have shredded that $100,000, what a total waste!!!

$100,000 could have been but to better use for CHJCC lawsuit or to pay phony Rabbis instead it went to helping Jews make Yom Tov, whats a pity!!!


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