1BIGtested and Succeeded

Ever since 1bigcholent blew the cover on the pulled article on collive and posted the “its better to sleep at 2am” article the hits of
Cholent went throught the roof.

We also noticed at the same time that collive hits also did.

Doing some research I found that one of the ways the hits and ratings on compete.com are measured by incoming links. And Cholent relized its been giving collive more traffic by pointing out its blemishes.

So we made a test

1. We stopped linking collive.
2. Thousands of emails and papaers bashing collive were sent out door to door in CH.
3. We stopped posting for a month.
4. Spent time gathering good intel.

Looks like collives ratings took a crushing blow.
It would look so funny if we published these ratings with their email “thanks for making us #1”

Stay tuned,
After pesach we may just start to pump up collives rating again

On the engenda

The corruption connection.
Behind the scenes of Jewish Star.
Oh and plenty more.


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