Is Chabad.Info Now Posting Cholent Type News?

Ye, they really posted this and ye the people at the CHJCC really had this meeting…
9 Nisan 5771 (13.04.2011)

Members of the Board of Directors of the Crown Heights Jewish Community met with representatives of Brooklyn Community Board 8 this week to discuss the possibilities of improving service at the local Post Office Branch on S. Johns Pl.

Frequent complaints have been heard over the years that the level of
service at that branch is below standard. Community Board 8’s
representative on the USPS Brooklyn Advisory Council will be bringing
these concerns to the table at a future meeting. The suggestion was
also made that Crown Heights would benefit from Sunday hours at one of the local branches. This issue will also be addressed to the Post Office at the next Advisory Council meeting.

Wow, now this is such great progress. Now this is what we call going above and beyond, who would have ever thought about this, having a meeting about the post office although nobody ever cared to even complained about it, that’s great, now that’s reaching out, now that’s taking the initiative, we need to see more of this.

I can’t believe all this wonderful work  the CHJCC has been doing lately, they are really on a role , first they gave us SuperKashrusman and then Mr. Green and now this.

It’s a good thing Zaki Tamir brought back Chanina Sperlin as intergovermentle, because only  Chanina could have arranged this with his super intergovermentle skills. We only pray that this works out better then the last time intergovermentle guy used his super powers.

Could you imagine if this meeting will actually bear some fruits, this can be the blue print to the nation wide post office problem.

Clearly these types of meetings  explains how the CHJCC was able to file to the IRS $106,643 on conferences and meetings.

What will the CHJCC do for us next?



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