Psak??? Questions for Zaki

Who is gruber? What is his conection to rosenberg?
Did gruber meet or speak to any of those who are part of the ikul?
Can 1 rov sign for all 5 rabonim?
Is this just to help remove rosenberg and his mistakes from the picture?

Also, what makes somthing “exclusive” and why is it that everytime
collive posts somthing first, that they write its exclusive?
Do they feel that chinfo won’t post somthing if they do?
Does this make them feel like they get a edge from the others?


One response to “Psak??? Questions for Zaki

  • WhoIsShmira?

    Why on Zaki Tamirs blog did he only post a translation of the second part of this “Psak” and not the first?

    I can read Hebrew (I learned in Yeshiva my whole life), I know what it says (in the first part) and what it does say is lies.

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