Braun Sets Up CHJCC/Vaad Hakohol And Others For Lawsuit

Over Shabbos in Beis Shmuel, Crown Heights residents were discussing about how and what is going on with regards to this piece of toilet paper other known as Brauns Semicha.

There are two points which I happened to overheard which I found to be very interesting.

True or not! I don’t want these two individuals who were talking to identify me as I was the only one in hearing distance, so  ill just say in summery.

1. The Semicha will be getting replaced by this same Rov who will be paid to keep silent on the date of his first paper, and the replacement paper will be dated to the current date (since after all his “Semicha was maliciously ripped up”) .

2. Apparently Braun has said to a few people when being questioned, “that his attorney has told him not to speak about it”, leading some to suspect he is letting this whole situation get out of control and go to hell, but keeping himself in the drivers seat on a upcoming lawsuit against all those involved in the case, namely the CHJCC and others like Menachem Shagalow who “ripped up his chance at showing true Semicha.”

You have to realize that  Braun might be the victim here, this has nothing to do with him or his poor choice of Semicha, it’s all about the very people/Mossrim and Ganovim, in the room that met him the other day, the people who brought him to town.

Association do matter

Do you think this guy is stupid, you think that he hasn’t read the blogging nation, he has been emailed and forwarned, but at the time he did it was slightly too late for him to back down as he has been officially removed from a paid position in a shul called Tzemach Tzedek and can no longer fall back into that roll.

The Tzemach Tzedek and family Shul in Sydney.

After the families in Sydney left Yeshiva Center (the main Shul) for the Tzemach Tzedek Shul (the breakaway) some realized that they need a shul that they can talk in, and being that Braun  didn’t let talking in Tzemach Tzedek Shul, so the “family Shul” was created, cutting Tzemach Tzedek in half.

After some time when the Yeshiva Center began to get back most of its members the board realizes that they need numbers to survive, and those numbers were in the “family shul” so when the opportunity of the Crown Heights Beth Din came along, “so and so” of the board or the family shul was appointed as a board member of Tzemach Tzedek, this was to start the merging possess of these 2 break away shuls

The lawsuit

What should Braun do?
As chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. Zaki IsaacTamir posts more about his “Ikul Ikul Ikul” on his blog, it may look as if Tamirs corrupt CHJCC  have it all figured out, its a matter of days when true hell breaks loose, following this many of you will begin to fully understand the depth of who those people are sitting around the very table with Braun when he came.

Braun, having no job in Sydney, and this shaky position of Rov in Crown Heights knows all this and is taking careful steps and documenting everything that is going on in the case that any Ikul, or other crushing blows to the CHJCC starts to play with his position as Rov, Braun can fully fall back on both the legal or Beht Din system to sue for lost job, lost face, and be able to provide with his huge family.

Stay tuned for more.
Much more coming soon.


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