Will you be sending Braun a Achdus Basket???

Address?? USA!!!

About Achdus Baskets

What better way to join together this Purim than to send an Achdus Basket. As you know, Purim is just around the corner and the PTA of Oholei Torah, once again, is here to lend a helping hand.

So, what is an Achdus Basket?

Every name on your order form will receive a beautiful mishloach manos package accompanied by a list of the names of the families who participated in the mishloach manos. There will be several categories of mishloach manos packages based upon the number of people who have ordered mishloach manos for the recipient. For example, a package from 15 people will be more elaborate than a package from 5 people.

Due to the high demand of requests, we have an additional option “reciprocate.” By selecting this option, anyone who has sent you an Achdus Basket, will receive one in return and your credit card will automatically be charged. This option is only available if paying by credit card.

Enclosed you will find a clear list of names and an order form. You may choose to send mishloach manos to anyone on this list at a cost of $5 per name.

Where exactly are they going to send this “Achdus” basket??  Rabbi YY Braun USA?! Do they know his address but are sworn to secrecy? Isn’t this “Rov” supposed to be extremely accessible or can one only text  and email him?? What if i want to bring a Shailoh to him? Oh he’s not in town yet! So will he be here by Purim to receive his Achdus Basket?? Everything about him is so confusing!!

Besides, can one send an “ACHDUS” basket to someone who has caused so much Machloikes first in Sydney and now here in the Shchuna??

I know i wont be wasting $5 on him!

OT lists Braun as one of the Rabonim


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