Violation “Points” to Ponder

I hope it’s not asur for me to post about milchige pizza on a blog about fleishige cholent, but I wanted to clear up some rumors that have been circulating about the reason Kingston Pizza was closed by the Health Department. Rumors range from the closure resulting from “change of ownership” to mesirah, but the facts speak for themselves. According to the health dept.’s website, Kingston Pizza received 94 violation points during its January inspection.

To give you some perspective about the score of 94, Mermelstein’s, the fine dining establishment known for its gourmet menu and its sanitary conditions, received only 10 points and a score of “A” during its December inspection.

Kingston Pizza’s inspection results:
Click on image to enlarge

In, contrast, La Mermelstein’s inspection results:
Click on image to enlarge


One response to “Violation “Points” to Ponder

  • Chaim Dov Schwartz

    We recently commemerated the Yohrzeit of the Rashag, the Rebbe’s brother in law.
    He was the head of the Lubavitcher Yeshvos and he helped the Mosdos in Eretz Yisroel greatly.
    He was appointed to his position by the Rebbe Rayatz, his father in law of Saintly Memory.
    Why is there no there no institution named in his memory, in fact to the best of my knowledge there is not even a plaque on a building to recognize his life’s dedication to Lubavitch.
    Am I missing something

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