“Masses or Leadership or Both” Re: mrs lapine omb


Editors note: this is one of those articles that we feel will change soon so become a cholent tipper by taking screen shots of both of them and checking back soon 🙂

Yossi Jacobson, world renown writer writes 2 opeds on the same subject with 2 different endings. Sending one to CHinfo and the other to Collive.

The one on collive questions the amount of people that came out for Lapine, while the other questions were the “leaders or CH were”

Collive writes

“I was stunned to discover a different, disturbing reality. The attendance was an embarrassment to us as individuals and as a community. To be sure, it was not Mrs. Lapine who needed our honor; it was we who needed to show up at such an event.”

“We should be melamed zchus that some individuals and heads of organizations were engaged in important work this past Sunday afternoon or were unaware of the event or were out of town.

But at least some of us ought to ask ourselves this question: Have we perhaps lost our way as to neglect such an occasion, which should have attracted two thousand members of the community and every single rabbinic and organizational leader?”

While on Chinfo it says

“I was stunned to discover a different, disturbing reality. I looked around at the Seudas Mitzvah and saw a few friends of the Lapine family and a few old neighbors from Lefferts Avenue. The showing at the Parade and Hakofos was not much better. Besides a few noted individuals from the following organizations, there was virtually no representation (at least not mass and conspicuous presentation) of such prominent and important organizations as Agudas Chasidei Chabad, the Beis Din Tzedek of Crown Heights, the Va’ad Hakahal of Crown Heights, Merkaz Le’inyanei Chinuch, Machane Yisroel, Mazkirus, Va’ad Rabanei Lubavitch, Tzeirei Agudas Chabad, the Netzigim of the Shuls, Rabbis and spiritual leaders of Shuls in Crown Heights, Mashpi’im and Roshei Yeshivas of the prominent yeshivas in the neighborhood, etc.

Their are those who speculate that it was collive who edited the oped to not attack Merkos as they are still trying to recover from the damages from Yudis 2:40AM post a few weeks back. further more they knew that chinfo also got the oped and they can try to manipulate merkos how its chinfo who is out to bash them NOT collive, if this is the case i feel bad for collive as the oped is in someone elses name and like chinfo writes on the bottom of each oped

This Op-Ed reflects the views of its author. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CrownHeights.info or its Editors.”

To Collive & Yossi Jacobson: To answer your question “were were the masses?” maybe had collive posted your PSA/Notice of the writing of the torah being on sunday your readers would have remembered and went,not on Jan 19th, weeks prior to the completion.

To CHinfo and Yossi Jacobson: To answer your question “were were the leaders?” We ask, What leaders. In Crown Heights we only elect leaders, but dont really have any.


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