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The Beis Medrash in Crown Heights will be serving Dovid Malka‘s 1BIGcholent at their Thursday night shiur. Director Rabbi Motty Lipskier told COLlive the reason for it.

The new Beis Medrash located in the Crown Condos in Crown Heights has begun serving 1BIGcholent at their Thursday night shiur.

While many are enjoying the 1BIGcholent, especially prepared by caterer Dovid Malka, there were some that asked what place does 1BIGcholent have at a makom Torah.

The director Rabbi Motty Lipskier told he has a Chassidic story to explain this new ‘minhag:’

Reb Aharon from Dukshitz would visit Lubavitch to be with the Rebbe Maharash from Elul until Cheshvon each year and then return home to Dukshitz.

During the winter months he would teach the Alter Rebbe’s Torah Ohr in the big Beis Medrash. Before the shiur, they would serve a hot, sweet punch with some mashke mixed in.

One year, during Reb Aharon’s stay in Lubavitch, the Rebbe Maharash asked him about his Torah Ohr shiur. He told the Rebbe about the great attendance and the punch that they serve.

“Punch at a Torah Ohr shiur?!” the Rebbe Maharash asked in surprise.

So of course, when he returned home to Dukshitz, they stopped serving punch and attendance dwindled.

At his next visit to Lubavitch, the Rebbe Maharash again asked “Nu, how’s the Torah Ohr shiur?” Reb Aharon explained that they stopped serving the punch and people stopped coming.

The Rebbe Maharash replied, “Go back and serve punch… abi they will learn Torah Ohr.”

Rabbi Lipskier said in conclusion, that he invites all men to come “Taste the Divine – 1BIGcholent on Thursday nights with a large helping of Chassidus.”

The Chassidishe Parsha Shiur takes place Thursday nights 8:15 PM – 9:15 PM followed by Maariv at 9:20 PM, at The Beis Medrash, 580 Crown, ground floor.

To sponsor this shiur or to make a donation of any amount,



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