COL Buys CHinfo for $315 Million

Original article.

COL just bought news site for $315 million—$300 million in cash. founder Ben Lifshits will become editor of all COL “content properties.” That sound you just heard was the whole internet going “Whaaaaat?”

Somewhere, right now, Mendel Hendel is trying to sell to Shmais.

Lipshits and COL CEO Mica Soffer, who are both in Dallas for the Superbowl (again, whaaat) sat down with VosIzNaies owner. Apparently, Mica Soffer approached Lipshits last November, and made the official offer quickly thereafter, in January of this year (while Lipshits was in Davos, natch).

What changes? As part of the deal, CEO “Yossi Lipshits” and Chief Revenue Officer “Zelig Pinto.”  will both leave the company. Lipshits will now be heading up sites like CHJCC site and Cholent (this should be fun to watch, given CHJCC sites editor recent troubles with his bosses and government). And, excitingly, Lipshits is moving  out of New York City! You know where to send blurry cell phone pictures. (Ben: Drop me a line; I might have a lead on a rooms outside Crown Heights.)

Shmais writes that Lipshits and Mica Soffers “motto” is “One plus one equals 11.” Which, ha, Lipshits better hope that’s true if her writers are going to make COL’s insane pageview targets. To that effect, COL content will be “integrated deeply” into the site—alongside terrific content like “What Time Does the Superbowl Start?” and “How to Date an Non lubab (Advice for the Non-Lubab).” The new media landscape is going to rule.


2 responses to “COL Buys CHinfo for $315 Million

  • 1 big... check out this article...

    I like the change of wording, question is how many people will get it.

  • 1 big... check out this article... from COLlies

    Look at the first line, (a day after) then look 3 lines later, (The trip took place the day preceding his yahrtzeit.)

    Children Come to Wolowik Library

    A day after the yahrtzeit, Oholei Torah students visited the Levi Yitzchok Library in the Five Towns, dedicated in memory of Levi Yitzchok Wolowik OBM.
    Students of Oholei Torah second grade went Monday to visit the Levi Yitzchok Library in the Five Towns, dedicated in memory of Levi Yitzchok Wolowik OMB.

    The trip took place the day preceding his yahrtzeit.

    The experience was very meaningful as the Talmidim of second grade started a special Tanya campaign in memory of Shliach Levi Deitsch OBM. The campaign started on Chof Beis Shvat and is going through till Yud Aleph Nisson.

    Levi Yitzchok Wolowik loved to learn Tanya and had actually learned Perek Aleph, Lamed Beis and Mem Aleph.

    There was a very special significance of the children coming and saying over Tanya in the library that carries his name, a teacher told

    They thanked the library’s founders Rabbi Zalman and Chanie Wolowik for making it a very special and memorable experience.

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