I posted this comment on collive at around 8pm on the article “Sanitation is not my issue”

I wonder why they didnt publish it?


Name: Negativity stinks!

Thank you COLlive for once again posting a negative article about our community, we really need these articles and wait for them all the time. (sarcasm intended)
However i disagree with the writer at the COLlive offfices who wrote this negative article. Besides for the part about shoveling the snow outside peoples homes which i agree with but we still have to be Don L’Kaf Z’Chus, i always see Yidden helping other Yidden in CH whether its at my buildings entrance or on the street, especially during the recent big snowstorm i witnessed many young men who were evidently in a rush but still stopped to help a women struggling with a stroller cross the street and snow banks as well as holding open store doors for them etc.
Unfortunately some people look at everyone and everything through dark eyes and some people want others to as well like the author of this article. If we all look at each other with a good eye we will only find the good in people which will make us all happier people and more B’Achdus.


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