Shliachs Plea.. Chabad media doesnt care

The following is a plea from a shliach not to support Hamaifitz stam, yet the site whom called itself chabad, and on the shluchims side allows for ads from places that interfere with shluchim. Whos side are they on?


Hello chaverim

like many other Shluchim, we in Vancouver  have the “zchus” of having a mushroom in our community.
he now started a “Kollel” which in reality is simply a Chabad house with a different name. he openly is lochem against Chabad here, and does everything he can to turn people away from Lubavitch. The shul is basically destroyed, and he left them with hardly a minyan.

Mostly his son, and sons in law work for him. All the other people who were with him, have basically run away. The latest issue is his newest son in law chaim Schapiro, who is the son of hamafitz- Schapiro.

He moved here officially to open a book store. Now he is starting to claim that he will do peulos in area where Lubavitch has been doing and is currently doing outreach.

I spoke to him and his father and explained that this was no way to start off your life by going against the rebbe and his Shluchim. Of course it was like talking to the walls.

I am writing to ask you to boycott HAMAFITZ STAM ! do not buy from him, as he is supporting a person who directly goes against Lubavitch. The koach of Shluchim is tremendous. If we are all like a family, then the enemy of my brother is my enemy. Anyone who openly defies the Rebbes Shluchim, should not be supported.

I am sure that the impact that a Shluchim boycott will have , will make him realize the mistake that he is making. I also urge you, if you are in touch with Schapiro from hamafitz, to call him and tell him to stop supporting mushrooms, and people who go against the Rebbes wishes.

I look for your support, and your assistance in dealing with this matter.



7 responses to “Shliachs Plea.. Chabad media doesnt care

  • Chaim porush

    Hi 1 big cholent i look at u every few hours for updateds just wana point out on the article about azaguie ull see how put the three rabbis which wrote letter of suppot they are rabbis ozdaba shwei and bogomilski i guess broun is not the rov 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Can u put up the article that puts shvay ozdaba and bogomilski together??!!

  • Chaim

    Can u put up the article that puts shvay ozdaba and bogomilski together??!!

  • Anonymous

    well i see a hamafitz ad. on ur site so i guess collive dosent think ur serius

  • hypocrite

    While you are posting this shliach’s “beef” with Hamafitz and putting up a picture of COL with a Hamafitz banner, your site has a Hamafitz add right next to the article.

    So don’t be so quick to judge, especially before looking in “your own back yard”.

  • levi

    Hamafitz isnt owned by shapiro anymore….

  • Get the facts straight


    I will not go into the actual politics here, but get the facts straight.

    1. That letter was written YEARS ago to all shluchim on the shluchim’s network. No one paid the guy any attention. Also curious, why did you delete the signature?

    2. Chaim Shapiro no longer does peulos in that area, and has not been there for a while.

    3. Shapiro no longer even owns Hamafitz.

    4. A mushroom is called such because he feeds off the name “Chabad” without being a proper shliach. Do all the investigation you want, I doubt you will find a reason to call this Rov a “mushroom”.

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