Zaki Tamir: Temporary Suspension of Disclosure and Transparency

Dear brothers and sisters, friends, and fellow residents of Crown Heights,

It is with much regret that I inform you of my intention to suspend use of my web site. I was under the mistaken belief that my direct communication with you through my site would add a sense of confidence and clarity regarding community related matters. The site was intended to increase unity in our community and allow for bare, accurate information to be delivered directly to the public as the decisions were being made. In fact, what has developed instead is a growing sense of mistrust and resentment between my colleagues and myself.

Almost every party mentioned on my site in past few weeks has complained about my methods of reporting and it has caused great strain on my relationships in the Vaad Hakohol. It has always been my position that reporting directly to the public is the preferred method of operation and my position has not changed in that regard.

However, it is beyond my capacity to report directly to you at a time that is premature and absent the consent of my colleagues. This has been my mistake and I humbly request apology from anyone that took offense to my reporting. The financial matters of Vaad Hakohol will be reported to the Nitzigim as mandated in the bylaws as soon as the Netzigim are reestablished. There’s More! —>

Again they blame the REPORTING rather then whats being REPORTED.

Forget about the fact that people are complaining about whats going on in the CHJCC, let’s just blame it [again] on the fact that it’s being reported.

Crown Heights back to scare one:  The CHJCC Now back to the underground bunker of secrecy.


One response to “Zaki Tamir: Temporary Suspension of Disclosure and Transparency

  • Eli

    When i first read this i thought its was your humor, i was shocked to find out this is true, the council is back to the dark ages g-t hobe rachmunis..

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