How does Collies opperates

Question: How does collies spread its propeganda? as the “leading” site why do they need to use such tacktics.

Ever had any  email exchange with collies, pls forward to us we could show small snipits of how they strategically bash other chabad sites.


“ (and others) has a constant habit of stealing our work. The last example, besides your article, was R’ Yossi Groner’s dinner at NASCAR hall of fame (2 .info websites stole word for word from us).”


“We know its flattering to be the leader but it frankly this habit is getting annoying and there is nothing we can do about it.”


“Maybe believes that another way to bring Moshiach is adding in “chutzpa yasgei” ;-)”


2 responses to “How does Collies opperates

  • Yungerman

    Last year in February, I texted Yudi Tseitlin these exact words: “Why can’t I write a critical comment about the Vaad Hakahol? Why do you censor it out?”

    Six minutes later he texted me a response, and I quote “cause it sucks”. I was shocked at his arrogance.

  • Yungerman

    Let me just mention that my comments were submitted respectfully without ad hominem attacks. The only thing that could have resulted in the censorship of my comments was the lack of conforming to his agenda. So when he saw my comments come in without advancing his pro vaad hakahol agenda, he simply censored them out of the moderation queue.

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