Few Baal Habbatim – Hundreds of bocherim – blurred vissions

I landed in JFK making my way straight to 770 to the installation of the new Piller in our community. This was not a moment in history i wanted to miss. I must say the feeling in the room was energizing. reading the updated reports via my iphone on collies make me get aroused, uplfted, and almost peak with enjoyment.

While i tried hard counting how many married people came verses us bocherim i realized that the perfect timing for such a event was very strategic had it not been for Yud Shvat, you would have been able to count easier.

As i flip through all the chabad hate blogs like chabadinfo and collies i realize how blurred the vision and future is fro crown heights.

In stead of explaining this in words i picked a few choice photos that help explain.


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