Shluchims thoughts

“My impression from this letter is that it is more about her anger about what is being said here than her interest of improving her standards. As she says “please understand that intend to appeal to all of our faithful readers…”. It seems that she is missing the point, it is not about the Shluchim it is about Lubavitch. Perhaps the posts here were not clear enough for her but then again she was not supposed to see them.”


“No apology. No admission of wrongdoing. No promise to change or do better. Just a whole lot of nice sounding verbiage about her taking responsibility, creating discourse… blah blah

Politicians do this all the time. They deflect serious issues by creating a “commission” to analyze and then make recommendations that have no weight, and will never be carried out. But, hey, look how this politican cares, they even created a committee and an office of people to worry about this issue…They cant do anything about their suggestions, but…whos still paying attention by then. (I might be wrong on this but didnt obama just create a commision to cut the national debt and then just ignore all the advice) R’ Shemtov, you live in washington, dont you know this game. She hears the public calling for oversight, finally they cant be ignored, so she “gives in” on her terms clearly spelled out: No editorial power, Cater to all faithful readers incl those with no beards Continue open discussion about issues such as college and shidduchim with no oversight for every 10 yr old to see

The only thing such a “informal” committee could accomplish would be to give a “shluchims shtempel” and hechsher to a product that is not going to change.

A fellow shliach made a private suggestion to me. When col is told they cant stream the kinus live, that might wake them up…


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