Collive Digs It’s Grave: Plans To Col-dead Coming Soon

When the ‘largest’ “chabad” website needs to use manipulation and scare tactics it just shows the in securities they have.

Yesterdays report is confirmed, Yossi Percia told a organizer of the Vaad Tmimim Farb that “mica will kill you”.

And then following the event the threat continued via Yudi Ceitlen who contacted the organizers and told them “they will regret it”

What is surprizing is that when we got a email tip off of this story last night we thought it was a fan who just wanted to stir up trouble. But when we see collies has no mention of the farb, no pics or video feed, it confirms it.

This is not the first moised who was threatened nor manipulated for the single benifit of themselvs.

For example, we received a report that COL has offered moisdos money in exchange of limiting their publicity only to Collive which in the next few days we will proove they Don’t.

Its one thing if you manipulate a business person to buy a expensive ad and then when they don’t make any money or hits via Collive they go ahead and post a whole bull s**t ego boosting article about them or dedicate a page in their calender to them calling them number 1 and the like.

Collive has 2 choices

1. Climb in a cave for the rest of the winter like a bear remain low profile and work on building real freindships not bull shit ones with the “king style” manipulation.

2. Continue to threat, bash, smash and post more articles how the “hate” blogs kill you.

Its so amaizing how when the ones on the top are so scared that they lower themselvs.

P.s. Don’t piss off people when in 1 email to youtube anyone can shut your Jewish Star down for breaking the terms.


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