The girl of his dreams

Although Ceitlin was chummy with Shemtov’s uncle and great uncle —
Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Chabad-Lubavitch’s social
and humanitarian arm, and Rabbi Avraham Shemtov, chairman of the
movement’s umbrella group Agudas Chassidei Chabad — the pair’s
paths didn’t cross. Even as Ceitlin and Shemtov moved to Brooklyn,
N.Y., to assume new jobs, the Big Apple managed to keep them apart.

was a new project that Ceitlin, a writer and broadcaster, took on
that found him the girl of his dreams. Teaming with Yossi and Mica
Soffer, owners of Unique Image Advertising, a New York-based PR
firm, he launched, a Jewish community news and
information service, in September 2008.
“I’ve known Feigie for a long time,” Mrs. Soffer recalls. “We
designed work for the organizations she directed in Tucson — Gan
Yeladim Early Childhood Center, Kids in Action and Camp Gan Izzy. I
always thought to myself, this girl is so amazing — so many good
qualities, very dynamic, smart and capable — how will her parents
find anyone good enough for her?”
After working with Ceitlin, the new Jewish website’s editor in
chief, “I found out Yudi had similar good qualities,” she says, and
she decided to fill the ancient role of the matchmaker. At a
wedding in Crown Heights, where the bride and groom happened to be
cousins of Ceitlin and Shemtov, Mrs. Soffer approached their
parents with the idea.
With their parents’ blessings, the pair went on a few dates and
soon realized Mrs. Soffer had indeed made an excellent match.’

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