you couldn’t have said it better

I love how your writer once again has no name. oh i forgot your not a real website, your another hate blog just like collies…

What i love is how you point out your such a looser, and how backing down and excepting the psak is somthing that you did. We know you didnt, We know your current and past involvement, we have and will continue posting about it. Why is it that you feel that due to your loss you can rip off a community and do what you want. You also must remember the quote from Rabbi Broin, that he doesnt know who paid his tickets or who organized his whole campaign.

This is really good BC your element of control over him for this very reason will be GONE, and as a ROV of our bes din he will need to hear both sides in a Bes Din before he makes a statement to anyone if he actually thinks the just Rabbi Rosenbergs Psak will fly and get the support he needs to survive in Crown Heights.

But what stuck me as intresting, you posted a photo of Rabbi Heller (why are you mixing him into this?) looking at the bashing box of crown heights, you think we dont know your evil intentions… why dont you try asking heller if he approved broin.



One response to “ you couldn’t have said it better

  • WhoIsShmira?

    Jihad info writes:
    “After the election proved Rabbi Braun’s victory, the other side could not concede defeat. They brought up arguments, which, if legitimate, probably should have been raised a long time before.”

    Along time before?

    One of the complaint dumb a$$ was that Bruan was allowed to run only ten days before the elections and that the time for elections was not extended!

    An extension was being requested so we can have time to look in to Bruan.

    Whoever wrote the above article on is very stupid.

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