Why we closed Azimov

This is just an illusion, this is not real, this is just the Yetzer Hora playing tricks on us, Isaac Asimov is alive and well, it's a fact, every blogger believes so!!!

As the leader in the blogging world, we know that sometimes its better to open a new blog with a specific cause then to mix it up in our cholent. Our sister site Azimov was good for a specific reason, which for now we will hold a secret,  and we decided to close it. But dont worry. we still have all the letters, all the comments, all the emails from azimov, plus more and we may start posting them here, or re open azimov, depends on our mood, but for now stay tuned to cholent for the latest updates letters, emails, maybe phone conversations and undercover video of the behind the scenes chaos that is taking place in order to bring HAHArav Broin to crown heights.


Let it be known that cholent… is getting mixed up and new smells will begin to emerge.


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