New Edict: Don’t Offend the Thief’s and Crooks


A new edict was put in to place by the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. for those in the Chabad Lubavich circle who study Three chapters a day of Rambam.

Being that  laws in Rambam these days are discussing the laws of Genevah [Stealing/Theft], the CHJCC is asking those studying these laws to have in mind that many thief’s could be around and might be offended by what the Rambam is saying about them and so the CHJCC in it’s new edict is asking the general public…

1. be extra caution when studying, there are many thief’s hanging around the community who might get offended, please be considered to their feelings.

2. try not to have your Safor (book) showing,

3. study by yourselves in a quit voice (try to whisper).

4. Obsoletely do not study this is public or post these laws on any web sites.


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