Hate and Propaganda Site Shuts Down

Not because of the fact that the hate site did not have a readership and/or hits and was totally uninteresting and boring.

Not because it was only updated twice or three times a year with hate and propaganda.

Not because the last time someone wrote a comment in the form part of the blog was in 2008.

Not because of the fact that you are hearing about this hate blog for the first time because I am giving it attention.

So why did the hate blog shut down?

L’Maan Hasholom, www.DaasHakohol.com is now Closed

http://www.Daahakohol.com is no longer needed, since we now have a United Beis Din, according to the Psak Din of the Zabla Beis Din, which is binding on all parties.

Yaakov Herzog writer and owner of DH hate blog, clearly states above that the purpose of his site to begin with was not one of peace, Mr. Herzog admits to operating a hate site against the Crown Heights community and it’s Rabbies. Shame on him! Zaki B. Tamir and Eli Cohen will be having another press conference to award Mr. Herzog with government funds for heading their word by shutting down the hate sites (which was killing us).



One response to “Hate and Propaganda Site Shuts Down

  • antimesira

    If they decide to reopen what would that be for?

    If shutting down was for peace then what were they when they were operating and what are they going to be when they attempt to restart?

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