How Does Mendel Hendel Own 749?

And how did the students at 749 build a Mikvah?
Letter from the Yeshiva Admin regarding building a Mikva at 749
Free Translation:

B”H Wednesday the 18th of Kislev 5765 (2005)

To Our Dear Students

As a result of the fact that the students decided on their own without management’s permission to build
a Mikva at 749
 we wish to announce in any language that the Yeshiva administration prohibits the above, both the construction and participation in any form is of the construction.The above is for several reasons, led by one of the sitting Board members who heard from the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Mantlik obm,, that number of times the Yeshiva administration  wanted to build a Mikva in the Yeshiva building. The above (Rabbi Mantlik) who was from the administration at the time brought this idea up at an audience (Yechiduse) with the Rebbe and received a negative response.

According to the above we are asking  and warning all those who are involved building the Mikva  at 749, to immediately stop the construction of the Mikvah as it’s not desired.

The Yeshiva Administration


Despite the objection of the Yeshiva administration the construction proceeded and was eventually finished without any further  protest from the Yeshiva.

Did a few dollars from Mendel Hendel change the Yeshivas attitude?

Let’s see…

Who listed himself as the owner of the building for  building permits to build a Mikve?

See #11 job description “adding mikvah” & #26 “owners information” “mendel hendl” of 744 Eastern Parkway!


1) When did Hendel become owner of 749?

2) Who gave Hendel permission to build the Mikva at 749?

3) Who funded the construction?

4) If the Hanhala (administration) says that they give no permission to build because so said the Rebbe, who can override this?

5) Is there any financing or mortgage on 749 now taken out by anyone but the true owners?


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