Kebud rAv virAv – Red flags part 3 – The details behind the rabonims letter

red flags Part 1 – red flags part 2

many have been quite since the letter with the Rabonim signatures were released.

Here at cholent we have been busy. busy towards the kovod of the rabonim. unlike many others we reached out imedieatly to the rabonim questioning the story behind the letters as many red flags went off.

It came to the point after collecting data and investigating that the We care, more then the Rabonim do!

We understand the presure of the Rabonim, the Paychecks, the People who are “close” to them maybe turning their backs…

But when you look around and you notice another resterant opening with the OK hashgacha, and the golden flowing in our groceries, and then the tremendoes success of Rabbi Ls new Hashgacha on milk and meat… You finally realize why.

and you ask yourself should I even give a DAM?

Well right now im not sure, but im going to do somthing i was heavily advised against doing. and that is telling you our reader what the Rabonim Signed, Who made them Sign it, and more. if something makes me care more, ill post more about this.

The following source for this information is understandably anonymous
how ever do your own calls and question these “rumors” for all
those who really give a crap.

The letter the rabonim “signed” is NOT the letter you see online. (see part 2)
The Rabonim signed a differant looking paper, which by the way did not
have a letterhead of Bes Din.


To confirm this call YB as he is the one who got them to sign.

The rabonim were not told  about the letters use or
intentions in the sense that they were used.

For details on what they were told Ask YB.

Rabbi O and S did NOT sign the same paper.

Rabbis O and S reqests to see the articles and videos online were not
awarded. As them seeing it will have them both loose trust in YB,
ZT. And C

The Rabonim have had to reach out to others and have them printed up for viewing
as a matter of fact Cholent was asked to fax letters to one of the rabonims private fax machines.
T and C have tried to get the Rabonim to write and sign new
letters but so far have not agreed to do so with out speaking to both
parties. Somthing C and T are trying to avoid.

T has told one off the Rabonim due to this “His job description” (see email) may change.

Call T ask him which one.

Question them on these facts. If they say its not true let us know. As
maybe we will care more and the proof in sound byts Video and more may get publicized.

This issue of hate blogs and pd bashing is NOT what this is all about
but the media circus trying to cash in on its intentions

Bottom line the letter was a mistake and collies and others are using
the oppertunity to spin it their way pushing away from the facts

That the RABONIM were used


call y c and t

Ask them who takes the responsibility for this?

call collies, shmais and and have them email you the original PDF as the authors name may interest you, yeh the one who photoshopped the letter head of BD.

Who is YB, What role does he play, and is he voted in by anyone? more on him a different time.


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    Did you see how col writes about the latest murder? Worker found dead. Lol. What a joke. Why should the police care? Our “biggest” community news site downplays a violent murder.

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