Advertisers upset

No ad in the videos when posted on collies, were most of views actually come from, they are feeling ripped off.

plus skeptics are saying some of these videos are old, not made for the jewish star, making it a bit unfair and… full of it competition.

But its a great fundraiser for the collies community non for profit website


3 responses to “Advertisers upset

  • pizza

    a little advice to the 1BIG dumb editor: at 1st when this site started out it got me to laugh on each post, it was funny. now, not anymore. its gotton boring and stupid. maybe go back to simple one liners etc. and mix out of ch bs. you are getting really boring.

  • collies alert

    do not publish as comment, this should be a collies feture pants down report

    collies alert:

    Collies is stealing from youtube:
    they upload their videos to youtube for the jewish star, when they embed it into collive it is normal youtube, but when it is on they are using a open source player called jplayer and then they are using youtubes streaming link and playing it in their own player, therby

    a. not having youtubes ads play on their player, and not have youtube related content.
    b. the can have their own ads play before the youtube video.

    see here: see section 4 parts a. b. c. d. and f

  • Ajewishstar violates you tube terms and conditions « 1bigcholent's Blog

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