Where were you last night?????? GOY!

As in Friday night, and what about shabbos day.

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Can you tell me how it is that a article on collive is being published on shabbos, and by motzai shabbos it has comments all times and dated from shabbos?????

Look how they tried hiding this by posting today as a the publishing day

Look at first few comments, notice how they are written on shabbos too, notice how the comments are talking to each other ie. they are approoved and published on shabbos too.

Do they think they can fool us, “changing the way chabad gets its news” I guess so! On Shabbos????

Ok lets give them the benefit of the dought, they must have publishers that dont live in NY and readers all over the world that are commenting after their own shabbos, and they have staff there as well approving them all over the world.


Maybe they have a writer being paid to comment who also lives in some far off country.. Maybe just maybe…


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