Make up your mind.. flip flop


Step 1

Read the rabonims letter.

step 2 read original article



Read how the letter says “shal be binding to every resident of this community.” but then this report

FLIP says the binding statement is not binding.

Step 3



Read collives take on this on how they shift the blame to hate blogs, post a picture of a shmira sign hung up over the regular parking spot of a shomrim command post. then go onto say what the rabbis meant on hoow they are sick of the hate blogs

read on how tamir says its about a article in the daily news that has nothing to do with the NYPD nor a hate blog, but squarly on something tamir himself knows is about 2 years of messiras against his own neighbor.

are you confused yet.. I am, stay focused we are almost done

then somehow dov hikind gets involved – yeh the same guy who gets money from sperlin, go figure.

step 4



Read about the bocherim who started this  whole thing.

step 5



spend 20 min watching how tamir makes one type of excuse, and then cohen maked another… all vearing away from the facts.

step 6

read about federman who says “oh really?” i guess cohen doesnt realize that not everyone will stay quite.


What i like about all of this, is that it shows you what this is truly about, more about that coming soon…


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