Chanin is back on the map.

While this post here is no longer on collive it still on collives facebook, and it seems from todays article that sam is still in on the game…

This years soul to soul is going to be much higher, as the winner will get this, that, and also the other… Oh then the winner will go their and there.

wonderful, cant wait to see how we start IDOLing the kids gona be exciting.

This news post is very much what cholent said all along on how collive treats its website as if its a non for profit organization, and a “comunity” fun filled pure site. and now they go out fundraising for their cause.

But as time goes on we can see that collive is just like the rest of us amature bloggers, the diffidence is, we say what we think and we are what we are. collive on the other hands hides the fact that its full of shit, and full of hate.



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