Mosser Eli Poltorak Answers The Million Dollar Question: The Agenda – What Is It?

A few days ago, 1bigpotatohead presented a question to the general public that went as follows…

What could possibly be the big agenda by NOT sucking up to the police?Can someone out there explain this to me, explain this to ALL of us, because right now, I feel like there are those (like COLLIES.COM and those that Employ them like the CHJCC) that are insulting our intelligences.

Come on, explain what the “master plan” here is, what are the gains, what are the losses, who wins what and who losses what?

We have a new millionaire amongst us. You all might remember him for the nutritious lawsuit against the Rabonim and many Gemachim, some of you might remember his as the loser who lost his bid for re-election for Vaad (on the basis of being a mosser].

His name is Elie Poltorak and he has answered the million dollar question and it goes as follows…

Having served on the CHJCC, I can tell you that all complaints of police misconduct are taken very seriously and addressed at the highest levels of the 71st Precinct, Brooklyn South, 1 Police Plaza, or the commissioner’s office. If the NYPD doesn’t address our concerns, there is certainly a time and a place for protesting loudly to the media etc., but B”H, for the past 3 years we have had incredible cooperation and sensitivity from the NYPD. In order to keep things moving in the right direction, we must show hakoras hatov and address the issues that inevitably do crop up (such as the bochurim who received summonses) quietly, behind the scenes. By crying wolf and making a scandal out of every mishap, the other websites and Shomrim are endangering this relationship that is so crucial to our community. Have we already forgotten where we were 4 short years ago?

One more point: Why is it that the very same troublemakers, who complain loudest about the police now, were the ones who stood up for the NYPD when the community was under siege and the police turned their backs on us? Where were they when Barry Sugar and other yungeleit (myself included) led protests against the NYPD?

Might it be that they have their own interests at heart? Is it because the previous commander let them park their scooters wherever they wanted as he let the community bleed?

I for one applaud the current command of the 71st precinct for putting an end to special treatment for a violent group of troublemakers who refuse to submit to any authority and think they’re above the law. We should not let them drag down the whole community.

Yep, just  as 1bigpotoato head pointed out a few weeks in…

A List Of Shomrim/Hershkop Crimes: It Gets Worse By the Day.

Notice:  Crime #4: Scooooters

The six Shomrim members [known as the Shomrim Six] who stood trial and persuade Justice up until the end, went on to be turned into martyrs who suffered a horrendous crime at the hands of evil yeshiva students who wished them only bad… (My hands are shaking as I’m about to write this horrible crime)

…They even named a patrol vehicle after them.

We can’t have people fighting against Mesira, what will Crown Heights be without our Mossrim. What will happen to Crown Heights if we have a proper Beis Din, can you imagine law and order, we can’t have that. And especially imagine what terrible effect that would have on our youth. And what type of signal are these scooters sending to our children?

We must do something to stop these criminals before  they eat our kids!

Darn right, Elie has hit the hammer right on the nail, it’s all about the scooters, who do these Hershkops/Shomrim think they are, do they think this is still America, are they that naive to think they can drive those scooters wherever they want? What is this America over here? We can’t have Scooters parked all over the place! It’s not right that the Shomrim have so many scooters! Who do they think they are?

Let’s get rid of the scooters and crime will go down!

Let’s get rid of the scooters and the Messiras will stop!

Let’s get rid of the scooters so people like Elie Poltorak can sleep at night! (Elie has nightmares of scooters chasing him down Kingston Ave.)

On a serious note- Just for the record: When Inspector Vaga was around, Shomrim had only two scooters. When the new inspector came, Shomrim only had four. And about Poltoraks re-writing history, Search inspector Vega On CH.INFO to see the actual Facts of the matter.

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