What the letter should have said – Exclusive

Dear Anash,

Their has been a number of recent incidences with regards to a spike in crime and the way the NYPD was reported handling them. Here at the Vaad Hakohol we take this very seriously as having a strong and good relationship with the police is very important, equally important is that the NYPD does their job.

The Vaad Hakohol would there for like to ask the entire community for your help in fighting crime by
1. Calling 911 in any emergency.
2. Following up any incident with a police report.
3. in the case you feel that you have been a victim by the police or a ticketing agent contact us right away.
4. in the case were the Police did a great job going beyond their call of duty, please also let us know so we can give proper credit when its due.
5. in the case of a crime being committed by a fellow jew against you, please try to approach a Rov and call the other to a Bes Din to avoid what may be labeled as Messira. before going to police or the government.
Following these above steps we will garrantee all problems large and small will get taken care of and that all crime is fought well, we are treated with respect, and there for the media will be able to report so.
Yingy Bestritzky.. yeh posting your name would have carried a lot more weight, but so would have the vaads or cohens.
Leave he Rabonim to write letters of halachic rulings, not ones that will stir up the world.

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