Collies Busted again with its pants down.

Congrats to the blogging nation who have not only controled collive but made it big in traffic over collives mention.

Thank u soffers for giving us so much attention In better news we have once again busted collive in a huge lie

Were on this letter from the rabonim does it say anything about hate blogs. And why is collive posting about shmira and shomrim. And making conections that make no sence.

in short its all about collive pushing the blame of its own hat full posts on this story and many others coming soon later tonight.

And if the letter was indeed for us. How come none of us got it from the rabonim But this my friends  Is not our focus of this post what important is about

“hate” verses “site”


What makes a website a blog over a “news site”

And who gets to decide?

Is it the 8bucks to buy a domain that makes you official Taking chabadinfo as a example do they have any more credibility then a .wordpress?

How about collive the all new collies What makes them a news site over just another hate site?

More on Colhate coming soon… just finishing a good movie… 🙂


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