Zaki Tamirs Vaad Makes a Joke out of the Rabonim

This is sick, who takes the responsibility for this….?

more on this article and the letter coming soon…

get educated

read original here

and cholents joke out of it here

Red flags (or yellow) on it here


One response to “Zaki Tamirs Vaad Makes a Joke out of the Rabonim

  • namewitheld

    The Vaad is really digging in hard to deny that anything is wrong here and anyone speaking against the cops should be silenced.

    We had a murder on Maple and Kingston in Sept and a murder on Lefferts and Brooklyn this week and they just found a dead body on Crown Street. Is this normal? My friends outside CH think I live in a war zone in Africa or Mexico.

    … and the VAAD’s response to all of this is to calm the citizens? Send a letter out telling people they know its frightful and they are working together with the police to ensure this is resolved and crime is a priority? OH no, they issue an edict through the Beis Din that we should keep our mouths shut and stop talking about the police badly.

    It’s scary …

    I hope you never shut down, this is the only site that makes me feel like normal people with common sense, who aren’t sheep, have a voice.

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