Police praise CHInfo for reporting nicely and accurately when they do their jobs

On the second night of Chanukah The Vaad Honored the Police for being “Extremely accommodating” in a resent story were a boy was left in a van. Residents fume though bc they feel that Police should not be getting honored for “Doing their Jobs” thats what their pay check is for. “Every week i take a percentage of my check” says Yudi T. “to pay for the NYPD to protect my home” now the monies that i spent in community tax towards bringing a under age person with out smicha went towards pieces of wood”, he fumed.

Cholent wondered if these plaques even get hung anywhere, but we just got word that NO they dont get hung anywhere, this we know is due to a plaque that was left in the ahavas chessed center. 🙂 photos of this and the plaque on “someone elses wall coming soon” lol


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