Broin making back up plans – Exclusive

Cholent got a notice from a friend of ours in Sydney that Rabbi Broin is rethinking.

He apparently is getting a bit of “cold feet”. at first after a recent blog opened he didnt care much from it, but once Chinfo and Collive started using Documents and intel that he knows could have only been gotten from this blog.. he is a bit worried.

A bit of pressure he knows how to handle, but now the gig is coming to a close, and his “supporters” who initially contacted him he finds have all either are gone from the picture or have caused him major harm, and does not want to have anything to do with them.

So hears the real juice..

Apparently Rabbi Broin has made some passes to his local supporters from Sydney that he may be willing to stay back and is trying to secure his contract that is sorta.. over. He is trying to do it in a way that wcan be advertised that “Sydney Doesn’t Let him Leave” and that thye offered him a better contract and blablabla.

The very reason we were told about this is due to some locals who fitted his bill are upset that he is trying to “fall back” on them as a “second back up option” and there fore have asked us to publicize this..

Rabbi broin in short has been trying to figure out the better way of going about the future of his life. Should he attempt to go full throttle, with the chance of failyer, or back out in a way that will allow his family to just live in peace and not have to care about “public opinion”

due to this post cholent knows that their is a bigger chance he will try to move fourth, how ever we also feel that his thoughts are real, and its just a matter of time and strategy of how he backs himself out of the corner he is in.


One response to “Broin making back up plans – Exclusive

  • CH loser

    Like the saying goes, you make your bed and you need to sleep in it!

    This guy thought he could deceive everyone and get away with it, he thought he was the puppet master, he was just a puppet and the deceivers deceived! This is his mess and he now has to sleep in it!

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