The Dangerous Game of Mesira: How To Play

How to live in Crown Heights.

1. Open illegal businesses from your homes.

2. Beat up random people who look at you funny.

3. Steal money from your employer.

4. Steal the poor mans bread.

5. Put the local Rabonim under pressure to make judgments with our a bes din.

6. Open a school in a home, stuff kids into it, don’t answer your calls from parents, keep replacing your staff.

Now sit back and enjoy a good political meal in your home with the officials and take pics with them.

Oh yes the law will catch up with you… when it does.. remember

1. Your neighbor is not upset at your leaving the trash around, nor is the costumer you ripped off.

2. The person you beat up is not a cop nor detective and has no connections in the NYPD.

3. Your employer has no right to tell you how to run his business if all they do is sit in a fat office chair.

4. As a poor person you can steal bread that belongs to a poor man.

5. Theres nothing wrong with breaking apart a bes din in order to continue to manipulate them.

6. The school parents will never do anything to you even if you hit their child.

And best of all, you can easily blame the Hershkops for your lack of judgment and mistakes.

Then you can convince a child, a Yosom -orphan, to “retaliate” and make messiras on them, and if he doesn’t do them good enough you make a few calls and send a few emails yourself in the process.

Now heres the best part of the game. You can write a letter about all that you did, and say the Hershkops did it to others.

Grab your popcorn sit back and watch as this will get interesting.

Watch how all the people who “got Mosered on” begin to disappear of the face of earth be afraid to speak up get holy and not want to pursue who mossered on them will have lost all documentation backing up any type of “messira” proof ever being done against them

Watch how the very “leaders” of our community voices are heard making Messiras.
Watch how the documentation of all the Messsiras against the “unknown” are in fact were made against Hershkops.
Watch how the Community Obstruction Patrol will take trips to the grocery store to find 700lbs of Matzas.

And best of all, watch how they step all over the NYPD and 71st Pct and how the department WONT do anything as they are stuck politically in their own foolish game.


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