Dear TMZ & Cholent Creaters

Recently we got some emails and comments about how good the old days were, a few of our viewers would like to see more of your humor and jokes. I know you all moved on and out from Mo town, and each of you are on a different place on shichus, but we even heard from zalman how one of you asked to pass the 1BIGcholent over this past shabboss.

While we know we had a bit of a fall out and also sorta screwed you out of your vision you had with the site, we would like to welcome you back in if you were to except this invitation.

To help tickle ur pickle we have dug up a old pic for you. and created a special poll for our viewers to help you decide if you should rejoin the “new team”

The original TMZ computer, located deep in the basement of MoTown.. Close to the mickvah

If you think of a good enough “other” answer we may even post it 🙂


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