Comment of the day

What i love about the 2 comments posted here.

1. the listed email address. “” more on the baby ducks soon.

2. the person who wrote it, is reading our site.

3. the person is trying to make me feel bad about using the FC. when this whole peice about how they are using and abusing them.


The only people who visit cholent, are those who are on one side of the fence or the other.

That post was written in a way that only YOU would understand, Im glad you do.

The difference between you and me. I am full of it, and proud of it. you are full of it but make believe you are something else.

When i use someone (i do often) I tell them i am, When you use people you convince them you are doing them a favor.


3 responses to “Comment of the day

  • j. doe

    Fact: it’s a fake email add. duh.
    Fact: I subscribe to the site’s rss feed. Because I am on a side? no. I subscribed b/c I found your original postings (on TMZ) funny. The blur of the day, the poking fun at COL, that was funny. Lately, I have been ignoring your posts as they are just the mindless postings of conspiracy minded nutjobs.

    But then, a quote of an article I wrote stuck out, and I couldn’t help but laugh at your ridiculousness.

    Again, have fun fighting against your imagined forces of evil that are ripping apart the fabric of your lovely community. After you uncover the protocols of the elders of Crown Heights and you save our children and grandchildren from the would have been catastrophic leadership of the dastardly Crown Heights leaders, we may finally appreciate your true brilliance and come with our collective tails between our legs and beg forgiveness from you, savers of humanity.

    Until then, don’t mind us laughing at you in our own anonymous corner of cyberspace.

  • Yudi

    Ha funny… TMZ yeh that site was funny, whats funnier is your thoughts that we are connected, a lot has happened since that site went down.

    The funniest thing you said is how you like how we make fun of col yet “you write for them”, no one who finds us funny has anything to do with them.

    for the record.

    99% of our posts are sent in by out fans, so our posts reflect our readers, while we have 7 people who post directly onto the site, we have countless fans sending tips tidbits and ideas, we work for them… NOT YOU

  • j. doe

    For the record, I don’t write for COL. I am a freelance writer that happened to pen a piece that was sent to COL.

    “Countless fans?” I bet Google Analytics – or any other traffic counter – would have no problem counting them.

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