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thats just too funny, more to come.


4 responses to “Quote of the day

  • j. doe

    Usually I understand your agenda driven posts, but what the hell kind of problem can you possibly have with an anonymous comment about a special needs child’s Bar Mitzvah?

  • Yudi

    This is not a comment, this is a part of a article. A article that was written in a way to shtech someone, shame on the article writer for USING FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE and limiting their capabilities in exchange for… NOTHING!

    Not everything on Cholent is understood by all, but is sometimes driven directly to those who feel they OWN Crown Heights.

    Its only a matter of time were everyone sees this, and Cholent is proud to be part of spreading this type of news.

    More on these “quacks” (baby ducks) soon, we will deSCRIBE every evil move.

  • j. doe

    When you search too deeply for dirt, your face becomes so full of it you can no longer see anything cleanly anymore. I wrote that article. The point of the article? To describe a unique Bar Mitzvah. I certainly wasn’t shteching anyone and the person I quoted in the article had no idea they would be published (which is why they weren’t named).

    Not everything is a political fight. Not everything is a conspiracy.

    Keep on fighting “the good fight” and looking for stuff that just doesn’t exist.

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