Hot Bochur!!!

seen first on Cholent.

soon on all chabad media ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out the following soon to come headlines

CHinfo headline: “Bocher in Elle”

Collive headline: “Mystery guy 257” can you identify this yungerman?

Shmais headline: “What is Elle?” headline: Chabad reaches theย fashionย industry. still thinking how they can outdo chabad.orgs… headline: “Bocher on mivtzoim”

Azimov rants headline: Broin as a bocher taking kids on mivtzoim to…. areas.

WIS headline: so and so soliciting…. lol

Oy gevald headline: I cant see any bocher, can you? “nice legs”

Mendy pellen: “hey why did they cut out my head”

1BIGcholent: Tznius patrol goes nuts….

Special thank you to the “john” that hangs in the mikvah covered by a towel for hat tip.


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