1BIGduck – part 1

I received a number of emails asking us, “what’s a duck” in reference
to yesterdays post.

What is a duck? Is not the right question., the right question is,
what’s a baby duck.?

But to describe this baby, I’d need to fist describe “a duck”

A duck! Is a animal

A duck can walk

A duck can run

A duck wobbles

A duck flies

A duck can swim

A duck can sit…

u can even take a nice pic of a duck!

Now, if you think about it. As a human u may walk to be a duck no? It
can do so many things.

Would u want to be a duck?

No! Why not?

Bc while a duck can do all these things, they only do a little of
everything, but outside being a “quack” they can’t really do anything

Looking at this “described” duck its just intresting on how true it is
when it comes to the person we would like to call a duck.

More  coming soon…


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