Taking Control? Hahaha

We hear that after the past few PD bashing articles up on a certain site that another site has now launched a “behind the scene connection” with PD saying that they will post only good articles about PD on condition they dont give out any details to the competing site. after what seemed like a successful meeting husband and wife came up with a idea to approach Moisdos and biusnses alike and make a “Deal” that they will ONLY post stories about them if they dont send to that competing website…

Wow. what used to be a family freindly perfect site with all “good” intentions is now thinking of using scare tactics to cut out its competition. and even uses words like “sexist” and “whore” in its articles.

well as we seen a few days ago they are not afraid to use the power of words to gain traffic and send clear messages that they are out for blood unless they get what they want.

More on this coming soon…


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