Can you anonymously call 311?


But not if you break the law. A B.S. complaint, is breaking the law… and can justify a investigation… then your anonymity.. goes out the window.

Hmm poor Shochat, he just dug himself a bit of his own grave.. shame! Poor wife, does he have any kids with her yet? BC when child protective services his home… I’m not sure how that would feel for her.. especially when he is not home, as he will be in prison.

Exit question?

Will the Messiras against Hershkops stop?

And if they continue, who do you think it is that is doing it?


2 responses to “Can you anonymously call 311?

  • Yossi Fraenkel

    Hi, You may remember me…. i’m the person who would spend alot of time dealing with the police and the community in Crown Heights… at one point Leutenant Kantwell showed me on his computer how he logs into the 311 system and see all the complaints… and showing me that the person wanted to remain anonymous….. then showing me that he can click on a button and show you what number made the call… where the number is registered to…. and who the person is. so there’s no such thing as an anonymous caller… don’t be fooled

  • confused

    the poll you posted is confusing.

    If someone votes Shuchat should not take a deal b/c hes innocent then why did he run.? Thats a trick question.

    obviously from the very fact that he ran away shows he is guilty and if hes guilty then why would the DA give him a deal, unless there is corruption.

    His best option is to hid like a guilty coward in Israel and wait till they bring him back by the Baytzyim.

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