You Be The Judge: Mesirah or self defence!? [soon the Jury will decide]

Over 200 complaints made (by 311  calls and/or e-mails) mostly from Yitzchok Shuchat. Other complaint from high ranking members of Shmira.

Complaint made to: The Department of Buildings, NYPD, FDNY, Sanitation Department, OSHA <Federal Agency], DEP and ACS (Child Services) on Mr. Hershkops business and homes. ACS was called on three Hershkop brothers.

Who in Crown Heights was passing information on to Shuchat (how did Shuchat know that a delivery was just drooped of in front of Hershkops house?  etc…), whose taking responsibility for this.

There are recordings of the calls by Shuchat and some other individuals (did they get you?).

Over $50.000 was already spent on fines and investigations.

This and much more to be exposed in coming days.


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